HospitalScape Royal Prince Alfred Hospital 2019


City Park 30 01 2018.jpgFour Point By Sheraton – installation. Central Park, Sydney. NSW

and installation



Barbara Licha_Tennants_2018

“Tenants” HillView Sculpture Biennial, 2018 –  till 28th May

“Tenants” is about people. As humans, we are connected to each other, belong to divers groups and form communities. We reside in cities, villages, buildings or houses, share life with others but, at the same time, allow ourselves for very individual space to accommodate our personality. Cubes, where I have placed figures, express our private territory.” 2018

Barbara Licha_Tenants_Sculpture by The Sea Bondi 2017

Tenants at Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2017 from 19 October to 5 November



Surfing Cottesloe Clouds     13 03 2017 – from 6 pm to 8pm


Sculpture By The Sea   COTTESLOE 2017,      Surfing Cottesloe Clouds


licha_Cottesloe 2017_002




PLAKA installation. Geelong West, 106 – 116 Pakington Street




“Surfing Bondi Clouds” , Sculpture by the Sea Bondi 2016

barbara-licha_surfing-bondi-clouds_2016_05 ”

“Listen time passes…(Cottesloe)”, Cottesloe Sculpture By The Sea, 2016


“Listen time passes…”, Bondi Sculpture By The Sea, 2015

1_licha barbara_ Katoomba 2015

from exhibition 02

from exhibition 01

licha_Georgia 2014

Passage 2014


Addison Rd

licha barbara_Chaos and Order_Urbanised_Up Space

licha barbara_Listen time passes_2013_cm 120 X 120 X 80_ fragment

licha barbara_Chaos an Order_MRAGM 2013 2014_b

licha barbara_Chaos an Order_MRAGM 2013 2014_clicha barbara_Chaos an Order_MRAGM 2013 2014_d2013 Sculpture_Brenda May Gallery_Sydneylicha_Maitland_Inspiring_artists_9




  Chaos and Order, UP SPACESculpture By The Sea Bondi 2010
Chaos and Order 2009 Bondi

Chaos and Order 2009 Bondi

UP Space 2009

BMG 2003 a

BMG 2003 a

BMG 2002 b