Mixed Media




5 licha_You and I_2014 cm 47 X 27 X 3

4 licha_Meeting 2014 cm 50 X 30 x 4XX 03

From Kvariati 03

with tulip

Kamorki from Kvariati 05 2014

Kamorki from Kvariati 02 2014

lichab_Night_2014 cm 73 X 75 X4licha_2a_Story_cm 45 X 44

licha_Ad Street_2014 cm 35 X 75licha_Bird_2014_cm 43 X 40licha_Meeting_ 2015_cm 51 X 51

Landscape 2009 cm

The Hermit 2009 cm 71X111

Rosemary 2008 cm 57 X 76

2 responses to “Mixed Media

  1. Fenomenalne, wspaniale, … poruszaja do glebi dusze. Dziekuje.

    This work is phenomenal, her sculpture as well as her painting. The painting shows a fabulouse use of space and expression. The simplicity and yet attention to tiny decorative details works wonderful. She has resolved well the problem posed by Henri Matisse, the synthesis of minimalism and ornamental detail. Her sculptures take line into the realm of threedimentionality. They are strong and yet delicate, true spider webs intertwine into a human condition. I have enjoyed immensely experiencing her art. (I, myself am a self-thought, for the greater part, artis, just making my baby steps in the fantastic world of abstraction and expressionism). Once again thank you for such wonderful, spirit-moving pieces.

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