Solo Exhibitions

2014          “Chaos and Order – Urbanised”, MRAG, Maitland, NSW

2011          “Runners”, Charles Hewitt Gallery, Sydney

2010          “Passage”, Up Space Gallery, Sydney

2008          Artist in Residence at Mission, NG Art Gallery, Sydney

2007          BMG Art, Adelaide.

2007           “Fractals”, Brenda May Gallery

2006           “Chaos and Order”,  Brenda May Gallery, Sydney

2004           “Between lines”, Helen Maxwell Gallery, Canberra

2004           “Brash, Wire and fantasy”, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney

2003           BMG Art, Adelaide.

2013           “Between lines”, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney

2002           “Desire”, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney.

2001           “Contrast”, Helen Maxwell Gallery, Canberra.

2000           “Quo Vadis”, BMG Art, Adelaide.

2000           “Sour, Sweet, Bitter”, Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney.

2000           “Desire”, Lister CALDER Gallery, Perth.

1998           “Quo Vadis”,  Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney.

1997           “Impulses”, Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney

1995           “Emotions”,  Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney.

1994           “Shape, Lines and Colour”,  Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney.

1992           “Reflections”,  Access Contemporary Art Gallery, Sydney.

1991           “Verticals, Horizontals and Around”,  Access Gallery, Sydney.

1990           Prints, Salon of Modern Art, Sztuka Polska, Wroclaw, Poland.

1990           “Our feelings Talks and Dreams”,  Access Gallery, Sydney

1989           “Life is full of Contrasts”,  Access Gallery, Sydney.

1984           Holdsworth Galleries, Sydney.

1979           Wroclaw, Open Gallery “ Zamek” Poland